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I am a former military a simple military close combat instructor, I'm not a international expert or a master recognized by all of his fellows or a profesional in 15 different principles. My investment in my combat system is deep. I don't not take any threat lightly, if I have to pass any obstacle, I shall use all the means I have to break it (I shall improvise, I shall adapt myself and I shall dominate) without any doubt or remorse and any scruple (eliminate the threat in front of me is not a second choice, it is my priority). I put in doubt all of my background every days that God made, to be on alert, so I not setting down on my achievements that means stay in constant evolution. Much insurance and trust push to the mistake and can be fatal and it is with this optical and with this rigor that I teach.

I shall finish with this: nobody can garantee you to remain intact during a conflict or a combat, but with a very serious training, a very regular, very tough and very close to the reality you will limit the damage and even control the situation or simply eliminate the problem (your enemy) in front of you.

Raffaelli Snackers have also practiced in his younger time simultaneously some combat systems like: (boxing (5 years), Nin-Jutsu style Sensei Masaaki Hatsumi (9 years) and Greco Roman and free Wrestling (9 years), from the age of eight years and this during 9 years.


Raffaelli Snackers is

Former Military
Military Close Combat Instructor
Physical Trainer
A.R.T Trainer (Aggressive Reactionary Training) since 2005
ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2006
Nutrisionist (NCCA-accredited certification)

Don't forget:

« Exact science does not exist »
Embody what you teach and only teach what you embody !!!

"The books are the work of humans, therefore, the knowledge of the world, can only be acquired by reading the human being and not by the books" !!!

Raffaelli Snackers


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